Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management

  • Currently 48,000 jobs are available in Bangladesh and 18.4 lacks jobs will be created by 2022.
  • According to The World Travel and Tourism Couuncil ‘Bangladesh tourism sector accounted for BDT. BDT840.2bn in 2016 and forecast to rise it by BDT1,783.0bn by 2027 or equivalent to 4.7 percent of Bangladesh’s gross domestic product. 
  • Bangladesh Travel and Tourism industry ranked 61 in absolute size worldwide, 173 in relative contribution to national economies and Bangladesh will occupy the 6th position within 10- year period.
  • BTHM degree supports more than 292 million jobs worldwide and generates 10.2 percent of global GDP
  • The sector accounted for 6.6% of total global exports and almost 30% of total global service exports.
  • Tourism is the world's largest industry with revenues of overUS$7.6 trillion.


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