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Mst. Khadijatul Kobra, Lecturer, Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management

Tourism is the World largest industry and employer; it currently generates huge number of jobs and contributes over 10 percent of global GDP. World Tourism Organizations recognize that Tourism is a means of enhancing international understanding, peace, prosperity and universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedom for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion. In addition, Tourism produces secondary impacts on businesses that are affected indirectly, which is known as the multiplier effect.

Bangladesh is a developing country that is classified as a Next Eleven emerging market and one of the Frontier Five with its key sectors. Among other key sectors of Bangladesh tourism and hospitality is expanding so rapidly. Even it has the strength to become the number one earning source of our country. According to World Travel and Tourism Council, the economics of the world of 21st century will be dominated by three industries; Telecommunication, Information Technology and Tourism.

The graduates of Tourism and Hotel Management programs can pursue a career in a variety of industry sectors, both locally and abroad like Hotels, Hotel Resorts, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Caterers, Bars/Taverns, Parks, Camps, Casinos, Riverboats, Theme Parks, Convention Services, Holiday Representative, Event Planner, Travel Agencies, National Tourism Organizations, Sustainable Tourism Associations, Agrotourism Establishments, Customer Service, Cultural Industries, Hospitality Training and Consultancy Firms and the like.

With their hospitable nature women can easily light the candle of tourism and hospitality industry at a greater extent. They can explore their career paths and do a lot for the development of this promising sector. DIU offers generous Scholarships and financial aid programs ranging from 10% to 100% tuition fee waiver for students on the basis of their academic record. There is a special tuition fee waiver of 10% for female students.

Tourism has great potential in Bangladesh. Tourism plays an important role in bridging people having different backgrounds and culture. Tourism brings economic development to the society which in return will solve problems like unemployment, poor infrastructure, environmental issues, and social benefits and will also enhance the soft image of the country.  So, Hospitality and Tourism industry offers a student with variety of options to choose from as career- each of them with a different taste and excitement.  It is needed to just explore the many options available in one industry and begin exciting journey in the field of Tourism and Hospitality.

Keeping in view the natural & cultural wealth of the region there was a need to establish department to preserve the cultural heritage (tangible & intangible) & diversity of the area as well as to create the awareness of Tourism potentials, cultural and natural resources, its protection/conservation and promotion. Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management has been established in Daffodil International University in January, 2014 to bridge this gap. Daffodil International University (DIU) offers the BTHM degree Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (BTHM) program under the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE). The objective is to produce excellently trained knowledgeable and skillful leaders for Tourism & Hospitality industry in home and abroad. The objectives are to prepare well rounded graduates for employment in Hospitality & Tourism industry nationally and internationally and also to develop program related courses focusing on hotel operation skills, management practices in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

Work experience is expected by employers in this industry and in DIU many hospitality courses offer an industrial placement, providing the opportunity to put academic learning into practice. Practical experience is valuable as it helps to develop transferable and subject-specific skills further, while at the same time providing examples to prove abilities to future employers. Career opportunities exist for graduates from BTHM discipline in hotels, restaurants, public houses, conference centers, accommodation and catering operations, as well as in customer services' management across a range of industries.DIU provides all kinds of support to the students to become an entrepreneur in the service industry like Tour Entrepreneur, Club Entrepreneur, Travel Consultant, Events Manager, and Restaurant / Hotel Ownership etc. DIU Provides information and advice to every student to become an agency manager or travel consultant, tour manager, guide, holiday representative or tourism officer. 

This is a service industry, first and foremost, so students must have patience, flexibility and excellent interpersonal skills. Cultural sensitivity and awareness are critical, as tourism professionals deal with different countries and cultures. Senior-level executives generally have MBAs and develop skills and competencies that can be transferred across sectors. Midlevel professionals need a mix of practical experience and academic credentials, who also teaches in the field. For example, individuals might work full-time in the travel sector while going part-time for an advanced certificate in travel and tourism.

  • Friendly, outgoing, people-oriented
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Willingness to work long hours
  • Good customer service attitude
  • Like travel/new experiences

An appealing sector for Women

If we analyze the present scenario of women working in the tourism and hospitality sector then the following conclusions is possible to be drawn:

  • Women are working in the airlines sectors especially in the area of reservation, servicing, administration and others.
  • They are also working in the lodging industry in the front office, housekeeping, and service providing, administration and so on.
  • They are working in the travel agency as well as tour operation. They can be trained as the most demanding travel guide.
  • They are seen to work in the Global Distribution systems in homely environment.
  • Women’s entrepreneurship opportunity expansion can also be done along with the new workplace development. Women can arrange small shop, sell handicrafts and expose their inherent worthiness through entrepreneurship. They can also go for larger effort to provide employment for others. So, we must foster our women to get involved in this sector. Overall we need to provide standard tourism education to the women through different institutions, and higher level graduation, post graduation programs. Thus the appealing sector for Women can be turned into reality.

Students having minimum GPA 2.5 both in SSC and HSC or any equivalent background from Science, Arts, Commerce or other field of study may apply for admission to BTH program. Total duration of the program is 4 (four) years. Semester system will be followed in this program. There will be 3(three) semester in a year. Each semester will be of 4(four) months duration.  To obtain the BTHM Degree students must have to complete 130 credits (124 credit hours for Courses and 6 credit hours for Hospitality Industrial Placement) with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4.00. If any student fails in any course he/she will get the opportunity to improve the grade by retaking the same in the subsequent semester.

The year 2016 has been declared as the Tourism Year. The government and private sectors are taking initiatives to promote our country through tourism credentials. A number of hotels; motels are going to be built along with infrastructural development. We are doing well in terms of domestic tourism. So, airlines are operating their business in and outside of our country. People are becoming more interested in travel trade and eventually the number of entrepreneurs in this industry is rising rapidly. A number of educational institutes are offering education on travel, tourism and hospitality and integration with the industry is enhancing. We can now foresee our Bangladesh as a country of tourism surpassing other sectors with skilled human resource.


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